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  • Episode 385 | "The Pouch.."
    The Joe Budden Podcast

    On this episode: Joe presses Mal about leaving his signature "money bag" under one of Joe's crushes (18:50). Joe also shares his thoughts on why music labels will no longer exist within the next decade (33:50), Jeffery Toobin gets caught "cranking off" on Zoom (48:50), men begging women for money (1:13:40), Kanye and 50 Cent's political views (1:55:20) and more! Sleeper Picks Joe | María Isabel - “Where Does The Love Go?” (Ft. Yeek) Rory | THEY. - “The Moment” Mal | Sheek Louch - “Onyx” Parks | Black Thought - “Fuel” (Ft. Portugal. The Man & The Last Artful, Dodgr)

  • Episode 386 | "How Many Licks..?"
    The Joe Budden Podcast

    On this episode: Joe and the guys open up with their thoughts on Ty Dolla $ign's new album (15:16) and the other new music releases (30:42). They discuss their thoughts on potential match-ups for the next season of Verzuz (54:56), Joe highlights the rise and fall of the content streaming app Quibi (1:25:40), the Presedential debate (1:44:53) and more!     Sleeper Picks Joe | Lil Kim - “How Many Licks?” (Ft. Sisqo)   Rory | Memphis Bleek - “Infatuated”    Mal | Akeem Ali - “Keemy Casanova”    Parks | Nas - “On The Real”

  • Episode 384 | "Deflated Balloons"
    The Joe Budden Podcast

    On this episode: The guys cover all the new music that was released and Rory believes Benny the Butcher's latest album should be mentioned in album of the year (22:00), a Drake lyric breakdown (57:55), and the get your queen back segment (1:23:50). They also talk people trying to cancel Ice Cube (1:30:44), the Billboard Awards and more! Sleeper Picks Joe | Giveon - “Last Time” (Ft. Snoh Aalegra) Rory | Joe Budden - “Love For You” (Ft. Emanny) Mal | Dot Demo - “Demon Eye Adolencences” Parks | Joe Budden - “[Intro] All Love Lost”

  • Episode 383 | "Glacier Boyz.."
    The Joe Budden Podcast

    The guys are back! After being bullied into their return they have a ton to cover. They begin with catching up on their time off (11:07), Mal was dissed by Tory Lanez over the break (28:21), and Bria Myles appreciation (55:29). They also, recap new music that dropped [which include Jay Electronica, Bryson Tiller and more] (1:16:29), Charlie Clips and DNA campaign ad for Joe Biden (2:40:45), congratulations for the Lakers (2:54:38) and much more!   Sleeper Picks Joe | Bryson Tiller - “Sorrows”  Rory | Emotional Oranges - “All That” (Ft. Channel Tres) Mal | Benny The Butcher & Hit-Boy - “Legend”  Parks | Da Cloth - “Ask Me Why”

  • Thomas J. Churchill @thomaschurchill / Sadie Katz @Sadie_Katz
    The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell

    Director/Writer/Producer Thomas J. Churchill and Scream Queen/Actress/Writer Sadie Katz join us on this episode of The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell broadcast live from the W4CY studios on Wednesday October 21st, 2020.

  • Drake, "I Get Lonely Too"
  • Episode 177 | "TV & Mayonnaise"
    The Joe Budden Podcast

    On this weeks episode, Joe addresses Eminem. Joe explains how he received the news of being dissed (17:26). He then talks about his experience while being signed to Shady Records (36:24) and shares his thoughts on the demise of Slaughterhouse (44:25). Joe also states in this episode “I’m glad this day has finally arrived so everyone can be truthful” and reveals that he believes he is better than Eminem (58:50). The guys then discuss Colin Kaepernick being supported by Nike (1:51:42), Kanye West attempted rebrand (2:02:41) and Joe’s Breakfast Club interview which leads Rory and Mal to respond to Charlemagne tha God and DJ Envy (2:18:15). This episode answers a lot of the questions floating around, tune in and get the answers. Sleeper Picks of the week Joe: Ye Ali - “T-Shirt (Interlude)” | Rory: Prince Hakim - “R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y” (feat. Walt Anderson) | Mal: Jack Marzilla - “Bacardi Bluez” |

  • Jamie Lidell — "Runaway" (From the new 'Grand Theft Auto V' for PS4 and Xbox 1)
    grand theft auto v

    Grand Theft Auto V is available worldwide for Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 and will arrive on the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One® on November 18, 2014 with the PC version to follow January 27, 2015.

  • Podcast #120: James Bond’s Sexy Racist Kneecap.... LIVE!
    Shut Up & Sit Down

    Broadcast live and silly from AwSHUX 2020, this episode sees Ava and Tom delve into Mottainai (10:11) and A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (31:32)- the two very different boxes chosen for their respective application videos. Betwixt these two discussions we ramble about the infinite flowcharts of Combat Commander (06:45) and Dominant Species (16:04), before settling on lighter fare with Legendary: A James Bond Deckbuilding Game (39:30) - a box that asks the question: ‘what if bond(s)’? We then wrap up with brief, punchy chats about putting your friends into a bind in Oriflamme (48:02), and putting your kangaroos into buns in New York Zoo (52:51).

  • Louise Glück reads her poem "Crossroads"

    Poem text and context:

  • Meryl Streep reads "Morning Song" by Sylvia Plath

    Poem text and context: Recorded at Poetry & the Creative Mind 2014, hosted by The Academy of American Poets.

  • Gym owner hits out at reported 'lockdown party' in Sligo
    OceanFM Ireland

    There are reports that a well-attended so-called 'lockdown party' was held at a premises in Sligo for most of yesterday. The owner of TNT Gym in Sligo has condemned such gatherings on a day when businesses are forced to close

  • 618 Medellin; Travelling with Gloria Steinem and David McCullough
    Travel with Rick Steves

    On the next Travel with Rick Steves, Rick compares notes with travel writer Dave Seminara about Medellin, Colombia. The mountainside "City of Eternal Spring" is trying to shake off its former reputation for drug cartel violence and promotes itself as a safe and family-friendly destination today. Plus, we re-live two of our favorite interviews from a few years ago, as we hear how important travel has been to the work of writer and activist Gloria Steinem and for historian David McCullough. For more information on Travel with Rick Steves - including episode descriptions, program archives and related details - visit

  • THE WEEKLY ROAST AND TOAST - 10 - 20 - 2020
    Double Toasted
  • Ebro in the Morning - Debate Recap + Ty Dolla $ign On Favorite Collabs & New Album 10.23.20
    Ebro In The Morning on HOT 97

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  • Beware the Dark Figure by J.Stan Shocker
    Mr. Creepy Pasta's Storytime

    HorrorConVR: the virtual horror con (October 28th - November 2nd 2020) Help support the Giggles Movie if you can on Indiegogo: ====================================================== My name is not important... The Author: N/A Video!: Read along!: Aminooo!: & Check out my new books! A collection of Creepypastas compiled by some of my all time favorite authors and friends! 💀 Volume 1: 💀 Volume 2: 💀 Comic Book: Visit the stores! 💀 Wife's Tea Shop: 💀 Shirts & Stuff!:

  • David Foster Wallace: "This Is Water" (part 1)

    David Foster Wallace's iconic 2005 Kenyon College graduation address. Context and transcript here: Part 2 here:

  • Ice Cube On Decision To Work With Trump Campaign + Jeezy Challenges T.I. 10.22.20
    Ebro In The Morning on HOT 97

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  • Episode 176 | "The Universe"
    The Joe Budden Podcast

    Joe, Rory, and Mal had plenty to address this episode. They began with sharing stories about their weekend (7:19), Aretha Franklin not leaving a will for her family (18:28), and Jemelle Hill moving on from ESPN (26:22). That leads Joe to share why the universe is funny and teaches us how it works (28:38). Also, Mal is never afraid to speak his mind, and shares his unpopular opinion on Lauryn Hill (37:38). And Joe recaps Power (1:21:02) and shares a message for a few R&B artist (1:32:00). Sleeper Picks of the Week Joe: Bryson Tiller - “Leaning” (Remix) | Rory: Blood Orange - “Hope” (Ft. Puff Daddy and Tei Shi) | Mal: Young Chris - “Angles” |

  • Ebro in the Morning - Things Mothers Are Judged For + Black Thought On Ice Cube & New Project 10.21.20
    Ebro In The Morning on HOT 97

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