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  • Reverie

    First original song, nothing too extraordinary but the Mazzy Star vibe it carries sounds cool. Feedbacks are appreciated. Tip: use headphones for a better listening experience

  • Daria
    Forven Music

    This song was written for a dear friend of mine. It represents the serenity of being underwater, being isolated from the rest of the world. Completely at peace.

  • Shywolf - Thaw the Ice
    La Belle Musique

    Shywolf engages audiences with a dreamy fusion of ambient electronic and synth pop, appealing to fans of LANY, Lauv and Vancouver Sleep Clinic. His ambient pop style is often said to be perfect for listening at the beach. After graduating at the ACM music college in Guildford, Shywolf has recently released his first album, 'Shywolf'. This is a follow up to his single release, 'Winner Chill Mix', which was aired on BBC Introducing The South. @shywolfuk

  • Andy Kidd - 'Live @ Cafe Del Mar' 8th July 2019

    Another sunset session recorded live at Cafe Del Mar Ibiza :-)

  • Moksha Sounds | Yoga - Nidra Set 1
    Moksha Sounds
  • Longing By RM
    Kreationz Musick TM

    This song been floating for at least a week now and I just ignore it until the notes started floating like I have never seen before. Something inside longing to come out. I arranged the notes and written the score in spite how hectic the time schedule. Nevertheless, I played the Erhu solo and added an ambience soundscape. Minimal yet simple that longing once wants to come out. Artwork is my favourite bird " The Humming Bird". My favourite minor key (Am), I had a dream 7 days ago. I was walking through inside this beautiful mosaic building, exploring the ceilings, walls, and painting everywhere. Outside the building or a museum someone playing a violin, this is not the exact tune. I went outside, sat at the fountain, just listening and watching. I saw someone passed by so familiar to me. I just look at them cause there's two people. As I was watching them walk passing by then they disappear into thin air. The girl has curly black short hair and the guy I didn't see the face but the back is so familiar and the voice(ash brown hair) I just watch them with tears in my eyes then the music stops,,,then I started seeing the floating notes with such different tonality in depth meaning to it. I did not understand the notes, they are so different in colours, they are not vibrant in colours as it used to be. There is something so sudden and sad. I still do not understand but I get it definitely I lost one of them. Credit Lists: Composer: RM Piano: RM Audio Mixed: FL Studio Artwork: Roro Kreates Copyright 2019 Kreationz MusickTM. APRA AMCOS. All rights reserved.

  • Pranit Khedekar - Niradin

    Niradin 🍂 Stream & Download: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: #Ambient #WeAreAmbient 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 Imagination and fiction make up more than three quarters of our real life. -Simone Weil 🧡 Pranit Khedekar 💿 Suggested track: 🎥 Video created via ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🖤 Ambient Releases Submit your music: [email protected] 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre

  • Andy Kidd - Live @ 'Cafe Del Mar' 7th July 2019

    Recorded live at 'Cafe Del Mar' Ibiza on July 7th 2019. 34 tracks over 2.5 hours as the sun set over the sea.

  • Halftribe - Chrysalis

    Halftribe - 'Backwater Revisited' Label; Dronarivm Cat #.: DR-61 Format: CD (ltd. 150)/ CS (ltd. 50) / DL Release date: July 19th, 2019 Pre-order: July 5th Melancholia laid bare, stripped back, then dissipating into thin air. Mastered by Tobias Lorsbach

  • A1. Fahmi Mursyid - Hening (Saron) [ONEINST003]
    One Instrument
    One Instrument

    To be released on September 6th 2019 - ONEINST003 A1. Fahmi Mursyid - Hening (Saron) - 03:12 A2. Fahmi Mursyid - Wirama (Kendang) - 03:30 A3. Fahmi Mursyid - Denting (Rösler Piano 50’s) - 03:36 B1. Fahmi Mursyid - Halaman (Karinding) - 04.29 B2. Fahmi Mursyid - Dentum (Bonang) - 05:37 B3. Fahmi Mursyid - Alunan (Pan Flute) - 04.30 For the next One Instrument Session series, we’re pleased to present the Indonesian artist, Fahmi Mursyid. This mini-album, limited to an edition of 200, includes 6 tracks that take the listener on a warm, experimental journey of varying timbres. The artist has always had a personal interest in traditional Indonesian instruments, specifically from Sundanese culture, the second largest Indonesian ethnic group, native to the western part of the Island of Java. Paying homage to this source of inspiration, he has chosen to use Indonesian instruments for almost all of the tracks on the 12’’. Considering the strict guidelines One Instrument gives the artists, Mursyid has succeeded in getting the most out of his chosen instruments. With each of the 6 different acoustic instruments he has eluded clichè and surpassed physical limitations to shape a bold, alternative musical language. 

 All tracks are recorded with only one condenser microphone. ______________________________________ Composed and produced by Fahmi Mursyid
 Mastered by Giuseppe Tillieci at Enisslab Studio, Rome
 Original artwork by Alejandra García and Marco Ciceri
 Layout by Marco Ciceri Manufactured by Optimal Media
 Distributed by Morr Music: [email protected] © One Instrument 2019

  • All Around Mixtape vol. 13 (Summer Edition) by Robbie Akbal
    Robbie Akbal

    Experimental mixtape with various styles of ambient, dub, expermintal, downtempo vibes perfect to relax , meditate, chill out or whatever you feel like... enjoy ª

  • Crossing The Wonderland
    Sophy Gonzaga

    1- Invisible Inks & Ateris - Nightfall 2- SeaMoon - Connecting the source 3- Alwoods & Alpha-Tek & Nortoel - Winter 4- SubDream - Eclipse Season 5- Govinda- Goblin King 6- Blue Lunar Monkey - We have an UFO 7- Alwoods - Crossing the Wonderland 8- Gayalaxy - New Beginning 9- Ashnaia Project - Who Are you

  • Piano Lullaby No. 14 - Super Soft Calming Relaxing Baby Bedtime Sleep Music For Sweet Dreams
    Wonderful Lullabies

    "Piano Lullaby No. 14" composed, arranged and produced by "Wonderful Lullabies" is a soothing lullaby composition intended to put your babies/kids or even yourself to a deep and relaxing sleep. You may download it for free in order to make your own lullaby CD/MP3 compilation or watch my lullaby videos on Youtube featuring wonderful child-oriented video animations: I always try to produce my lullabies as soft in tone and as soothing as possible. In my opinion, the lack of harsh tones and odd frequencies are key to a calming and relaxing experience and eventually a good night's sleep. Enjoy and please like/repost/subscribe :-) Thanks for your support!

  • Deep Ambient Set #1 for 10,000 Buddhas Yoga
    Liquid Bloom

    During the Wanderlust Festival in Oahu 2019, Amani was invited to play for 3 relaxing yoga classes taught by Amanda Giacomini. These 3 sets are each different as they were following the flow of the class in the moment and the stories that Amanda weaves into her classes. The sets feature a blend of music from the Liquid Bloom and Desert Dwellers catalog, as well as a few gems from Shamans Dream, Dead Can Dance, Ishq, Shantala, and a few other yoga inspired artists. Amanda is a dedicated Yogini with over 20 years of practice and fifteen years of teaching. She teaches weekly classes other studio which she co-founded in 2001 with MC YOGI, Point Reyes Yoga in Point Reyes, California ( Artwork by Alex Grey (

  • plant roots (japonica peach blossom)
    field recording

    a recording of the root system of a group of plants - mainly japonica peach blossom but with other smaller species also. recorded using prototype JrF microphones based on the c-series contact mics. listen with headphones for some very unusual sounds alongside those of regular transpiration.

  • simple man
  • 639Hz ➣ Heart Chakra Alignment ➣ Love Energy and Healing Sounds

    💵 Buy High Quality Mp3 Download ➡️ 🎧 Better Quality Listening on Spotify! ➡️ 📺 Youtube ➡️ 💻 Website ➡️ 🛒 Bandcamp➡️ 📷 Instagram➡️ 🐦 Twitter ➡️ 📱 Facebook ➡️ 🛒 Itunes ➡️ 🎶 Soundcloud ➡️ 🧘 Learn To Meditate ➡️

  • Airport Synchronization

    An experiment in applying the compositional techniques of "Music For Airports" in a rhythmically synched way. 9 individual one-shot notes from a Moog synthesizer. Each note is played in its own clip. The clip lengths are set to different prime numbers of quarter notes, i.e. 13/4, 17/4, 23/4, and so on. ValhallaDelay used for reverb, delay, pitched reverbs.

  • Garacast 26 by Sutkērī
    Garasadah Records
    Garacast 26

    This Garacast by Sutkeri is sending out a message of peace and understanding. Our world is full of wonderful things to explore. It is full of beautiful music, which is the universal language of humanity. Universal among us humans as well, is the understanding of a spiritual realm or energy. It goes by the name Prana, Qui, Chi, Mandla,Vril, Ether, Orgone Energy and others. Let us celebrate our similarities despite from our differences. Or in other words. Let us celebrate diversity, without our world woud be less exciting. Namaste We wish a lot of joy and transcendental inspiration!…=admin_todo_tour
 @garasadahrecords…229727910467600/ Tracklist: 1. Marjan Vahdat - Rooted in You 2. Black Star Liner - Shah Riot 3. Dashiko - Baikal 4. Kalpataru Tree - Earth Anchor 5. Kaya Project - Ummah Oum (100th Monkey Remix) 6. Mente Organica - Saam 7. Shamans Dream - Istanbul Dubphonics (Drumspyder Remix) 8. Bombay Dub Orchestra - Spiral 9. Derrok - Ultimo Sendero 10. Desert Dwellers - Lotus Heart Kalya (Scintilla Remix) 11. Tj Rehmi - Butterfly Wings 12. Transglobal Underground - Dustbowl 13. Talvin Singh - Light (Vijay Iyer Mix) 14. Suns Of Arqa - Durga Dub 15. Tj Rehmi - Xcentric 16. Kaya Project - The Weight Of Words (Mose Remix) 17. Talvin Singh - Butterfly (Bastido Cartel Remix) 18. Banco De Gaia - Ynys Elen (Androcell Remix) 19. Black Star Liner - Silvini 20. Bombay Dub Orchestra - Compassion (Pivotal Movement Remix)  21. Tj Rehmi - For The Unknown 22. Kaya Project - Olelo Spirit (Travelers Remix)

  • Michael Manahan @Blooming Heart 2019 (Ambient Sunrise)
    Michael Manahan

    .Sunrise set recorded on Orcas Island off the coast of northern Washington State and a lovely private party called Blooming Heart 2019....I hope you enjoy! .