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  • N°138 - Lyngøya
    music for studying

    Calm and relaxing ambient music you might use as instrumental background music during your morning or day, while working, as study music, for your weekend, on the beach, while relaxing or daydreaming ;) Title: Lyngøya | Artist: relaxdaily Join me on Patreon: Have a great week! Michael (relaxdaily composer)

  • Key Of G - Pads 8 Sample
    Worship Tutorials

    Pads 8 (Wondrous Pads). Instantly add ambience and atmosphere to your worship sets, and create awesome transitions.

  • Salt Of The Sound - Beyond Here (Reprise)

    Beyond Here. Stream & Download: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: 📸 Instagram: 💬 Nature is never finished. -Robert Smithson 🧡 Salt of the Sound Suggested track: 📷 Picture by Allen Taylor 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre 🖤 Support AMG Records (AmbientMusicalGenre channel) Submit music: [email protected] ❕ All music on AmbientMusicalGenre channel used for promotional reasons. Any business offers, music and photo submissions, copyright issues: [email protected]

  • Josh Alexander - Elan
    Moderna Records

    From Josh Alexander's debut album 'Hiraeth' out now! Listen to the album on your favorite platform: Music by Josh Alexander Recorded and Mixed by Josh Alexander Mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12k Mastering Artwork by Vanessa Lovegrove

  • Nuages - Distant

    Distant. Download: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: 📸 Instagram: 💬 The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. -Paul Valery 🧡 Nuages Suggested track: 📷 Picture by Enver Güçlü 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre 🖤 Support AMG Records (AmbientMusicalGenre channel) Submit music: [email protected] ❕ All music on AmbientMusicalGenre channel used for promotional reasons. Any business offers, music and photo submissions, copyright issues: [email protected]

  • Skylar Bennett - Love Me Back
    Just Chill Out.

    Featuring his gorgeous voice, Skylar Bennett graces Just Chill Out with his latest release, Love Me Back. The skill of being able to create an emotional track with a groove, incorporating a mixture of minimalist kick's and mallet-chimes means that we feel in love with it from the first play. We're over the moon to have our our second track on Reflections have such soul and character, and look forward to everything else Skylar put's out. Follow Skylar Bennett: @skylarbennett Follow Just Chill Out: @just-chill-out

  • Suduaya - Mosaic Dream • from the NEW ALBUM •
    Suduaya 🎶Chillout

    Altar Records proudly presents the third chillout album from Suduaya, titled 'Loveology'. A full-length exploration of ambient and downtempo, containing fresh productions previously unreleased. Pre-order already available, full release 30.11.2018

  • Mix of the Week #246: ch00n!! - With the Dolphins
    Dream Chimney
    Dream Chimney

    Mix of the Week #246 is "With the Dolphins" by ch00n!! Track ID requests to: @radio-choon This guest mix was inspired by a week-long trip in the North Sea accompanied by visits to remote coastal locations in Scotland. It pictures an undersea paradise - exotic coral reefs, dolphins playing - huge galaxies of water flooded with the screams of humpback whales - the vast underworld transformed into an elaborate oceanic collage combining new age synth and hazy ritual atmospheres. The essence of the mix is to be found in the gentle percussive resonances, where the combination of beachside ambience and submerged sonics build into an evocation of the rhythms and movements of the sea - a slow, continually evolving seascape, its borders infinite and invisible. Mix of the Week app Subscribe via Email Listen on TuneIn

  • Kenshō

    15112018 Stability and Progress. Off to new Horizons. Striving towards full clarity of mind and the everlasting beauty of existence. Sounds from: H Hunt, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Chris Clark, Chilly Gonzales, Keem the Cipher, Food, Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo, The Breathing Effect, Daniel Lanois, Arve Henriksen, Hong Kong Express, Jon Hassell, Enrico Pieranunzi & Silvano Chimenti, Pekka Pohjola, Walter Wanderlay, Arthur Lyman, Eden Ahbez, Maston, Andre Tschaskowski, Dave Bixby, Javelin, Art Feynman, Woo, Alice Coltrane, Kid Koala, Throbbing Gristle, Jan Jelinek, Gustavo Santaolalla, George Topuridze, Ekkehard Ehlers, Beck, J.J. Cale, Ray Charles, George Moxey & Ernest Ranglin, Frankie Reyes, Dictaphone, Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics, The Zombies, The Jaguars, Kim Jung Mi, Itsuroh Shimoda, T. Zchiew & The Johnny, The Orient Express, Brightblack Morning Light, Lucrecia Dalt, Kikagaku Moyo, Günter Schickert, Talk Talk, Kutiman, Irmin Schmidt & The Inner Space, Jonny Nash, Laraaji, Pat Metheny, Mary Lattimore, Josiah Steinbrick, Kaki King. Dialogue at the end is from the movie „Coffee and Cigarettes“ by Jim Jarmusch. Artwork: Ogata Gekko - Full Moon and Autumn Flowers by the Stream (1895) Kenshō is a Japanese term from the Zen tradition. Ken means „seeing“, shō means „nature, essence“. It is a process of spiritual evolvement. This process is gradual and a person keeps learning from his / her experiences and receives various insights that slowly pushes him / her towards the state of enlightenment. These insights are followed by further training to strengthen and express them in daily life.

  • Ambient Track 43
  • Bedroom's 10:00 [EP]
    [neonpajamas] Records

    Ambient Chicago musician Bedroom(@bed_room) is the twelfth producer to have a go at the ongoing 10:00 series over at [neonpajamas] Records, where artists are given a ten minute platform of open space to showcase their music however they prefer. For Bedroom, he created one long, freeflowing number. It's soothing, it's calming, it's stuck inside of a dream. It's everything you need to clear your head and unwind after a busy day. Something to play if you can't fall asleep and need an assist. This 10 minute piece is an extended version of Bedroom's track "Below", which is the closing number from his recently released album, Invisible Choirs, which you can listen to here: // Discover // Photo: Bedroom Font: neonpajamas Foot-note: I first found out about Bedroom through Alaskan Tapes, who also has a 10:00 EP. Shout-out to musicians helping the public discover other musicians.

  • Silver Tornado @ O.Z.O.R.A. 2018 Ambyss
    OZORA Festival

    Let’s bring back some memories, or create new ones, let’s stay connected through the live recordings from the summer past. Silver Tornado on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • Washed Away by Slow Currents
    Endless Melancholy

    Endless Melancholy​ - ''Fragments of Scattered Whispers' Label; Dronarivm Cat #.: DR-55 Format: LP (ltd. 100), CD (ltd. 150), DL Release date: November 9th, 2018 CD/LP/DL: 'Fragments of Scattered Whispers' is the sixth album from Endless Melancholy, a solo-project of Oleksiy Sakevych from Kyiv, Ukraine. It follows previous releases on labels such as Preserved Sound, 1631 Recordings and Hidden Vibes. Arriving on CD, digital and heavyweight vinyl editions, 'Fragments of Scattered Whispers' is a collection of soft piano melodies and transparent ambient textures, gently flowing one into another. On this album Endless Melancholy continues with the tape sound explorations, started on his previous album 'The Vacation', but in a new, more distinctive way. On this occasion, Oleksiy teamed up with Krzysztof Sujata (known for his musical outfit Valiska), who did some outstanding job on processing the tracks through different kinds of tape recorders and mastering them afterwards. Accompanied by a stunning artwork by an acclaimed artist Gregory Euclide, 'Fragments of Scattered Whispers' is meant to evoke hazy reminiscences from the deepest corners of listener's mind, like a blurry photograph suddenly falling out of an old book. Cover art by Gregory Euclide Mastered by Krzysztof Sujata

  • Microinequities
    18 Carat Affair

    18 Carat Affair // Spent Passions II (2018) ∱ⅈ∆∤ ≣≢3

  • International Tribe: Francis Harris
    Worldwide FM

    International Tribe is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian. This week’s International Tribe mix comes from Francis Harris. With twenty years of DJing at the world’s top clubs and almost a hundred released under different monikers, Francis Harris is an eclectic and unique producer. Taking influence from multiple directions, Harris’s sound combines experimental ambient music with undertones of electronic 4/4 rhythms. With a trio of superb albums released, including his most recent Trivial Occupations LP, Harris has pathed the way with releases on labels such as Big Chief, End Recordings, Sunshine Records and many more. He also runs his own label Scissor & Thread, with label partner Anthony Collins and the duo also combined forces as the collective Frank & Tony for many years.

  • deadmau5 - Ghost n Stuff (3L3V3N Chill Out Remix)FREE DOWNLOAD
    3L3V3N (Official)

    Follow us on: Greetings, Welding the creative power of our imagination we tune into a new reality and present Our New Project 3L3V3N. As above so below, it all began with a point- the circle of light or the zero, and so we move from Ground 0 following the Path of currents down to square 1 igniting your mindscapes with our FREE chill out remix of a Classic #deadmau5 Track Ghost n Stuff. Lock and load... © All rights belongs to the Original Artist

  • Mudra podcast / Zarenok - Gaseous Worlds [MMP81]
    Mudra Music

    Compiled & mixed by Zarenok specially for Mudra Music and for the World. November 2018, from Moscow, Russia. More info by Zarenok: @jeny-zarenok Layout of the cover: Vitalik Brik Welcome to our home: Tracklist : 1. Saafi Brothers - Multiverse 2. Сhilling Matenda - Smiri Se 3. Om - Human Love 4. Aural Planet - Blue Water Cave 5. Not found 6. Not found 7. Saafi Brothers - Free Senses 8. Aural Float - Zwei G 9. Aural Planet - М 10. Asura - Le Vol D'Icare 11. DJ Zen - Anamatha (Intro) 12. Sundial - Sunfruits Avenue 13. Saafi Brothers - Internal Code Error (Kammin' Unit Remix) 14. Hibernation 15. Chilling Matenda- Trogi11 16. Liam - Somewhere Not Here

  • PREMIERE | Blusher - PAy Up [Patruin] 2018
    44,100Hz Social Club

    Tren Rezno is the new album by Blusher, named after the lead singer of Nin Inc Nai's. Aside from the reference to the Industrial legend many of the tracks could easily fit onto on one of Brian Eno's ambient projects or one of the more melodic offerings from Harry Partch. Made between the two gorgeous cities of Amsterdam and Dublin, PAy Up harks to those Chicago sounds while sounding quite experimental with a vocal snippet which hypnotises quite nicely while keeping those feet moving. It's unusual to find a club banger nestled deep inside an ambient album but that is absolutely nothing to complain about. This track is playful, weird, hissy and full of beans. If this is your bag, PAy up!

  • SineRider - Four Years Away

    Four Years Away 🌳 Download: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: 📸 Instagram: 💬 Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul. -W. Somerset Maugham 🧡 SineRider Released by Sound In Silence Suggested track: 📷 Picture by Nadine Rupprecht 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre 🖤 Support AMG Records (AmbientMusicalGenre channel) Submit music: [email protected] ❕ All music on AmbientMusicalGenre channel used for promotional reasons. Any business offers, music and photo submissions, copyright issues: [email protected]

  • Campfire Stories #52 (A Dream Tree) by LVT
    Silent Season

    Campfire Stories #52 (A Dream Tree) by LVT (@lolavutru) ~ About The Story ~ A dream tree, Polly's tree: thicket of sticks, each speckled twig ending in a thin-paned leaf unlike any other on it or in a ghost flower flat as paper and of a color vaporish as frost-breath, more finical than any silk fan the Chinese ladies use to stir robin's egg air. The silver- haired seed of the milkweed comes to roost there, frail as the halo rayed round a candle flame, a will-o'-the-wisp nimbus, or puff of cloud-stuff, tipping her queer candelabrum. Palely lit by snuff-ruffed dandelions, white daisy wheels and a tiger faced pansy, it glows. O it's no family tree, Polly's tree, nor a tree of heaven, though it marry quartz-flake, feather and rose. It sprang from her pillow whole as a cobweb ribbed like a hand, a dream tree. Polly's tree wears a valentine arc of tear-pearled bleeding hearts on its sleeve and, crowning it, one blue larkspur star. - Polly's Tree by Sylvia Plath ~ Chapters ~ Steve Roach - Through A Strong Eye ASC - Slow Autumn The Mayhem Lecture Series - Structures And Behavior (Intrepid) Psychonavigation - Mind Transference Control Aes Dana - Low Tide Explorations Saphileaum - Stereotypical Figures Araceae - The Great Mystery Deepbass - Search Continues Mark Ward - Flow Martinou - Fleeting Organit - Plural Concept Of Thrill - Materia Heavenly Music Corporation - Sunfish = Starflower Heavenly Music Corporation - Cloud Chamber (Satori Transmission) Sleeparchive - Sleepless Three Martin Schulte - Galaxy Schockierender - Frak Fran Anders Ilar - Gramineous Glow Smal - Svep Sraunus - Juliona Der Amethyst - Streamlines Steve Moore - Frigia Am.Light - Acid Funk Ali Khan - Do Trees Have Dreams (York Mills Remix) Sans Soleil - Dog Shuttle Heavenly Music Corporation - Reentry Fjäder - Vegvísir Mindspan - Conscience Ozy - Atonement The Caretaker - Glimpses Of Hope In Trying Times Ali Khan - Do Trees Have Dreams (Reprise) Radius - Transversewaves (cv313 Reshape) ~ Notes ~ Campfire Stories is a mix series by friends of Silent Season. The focus of the series is on storytelling through deeper electronic music. Artists weave together narratives using the emotional characteristics of ambient and techno music. Thanks to all the artists and labels whose sounds help tell the story. Thank you for listening. - - - [email protected]