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  • The Moonlight Sonata but the bass is a bar late and the melody is a bar early
    Isaac Schankler

    see title sheet music:

  • Gabriel's Message
    Telefon Tel Aviv

    This is sort of a study of childhood and time - I remember very well going to mass as a child, especially Christmas Eve mass, and it was always nearly tortuous for me. Time would elongate into what seemed like millennia; I would somehow never make it out of church, alive, still a child. I would leave as an adult because I'd be there forever. The ceilings were impossibly high - dizzying, even. The origins of sound and the reverberations they made were bewildering to me. I couldn't believe how huge this place was, and how long this ceremony was. I would drift into a sort of liminal, hypnagogic state as time slowed, and the cantor or singers would sing, the reverb drawing out slowly, forever...

  • I am feeling blue
    Iskandar Hanafy 4
  • A Letter From The Past

    Remastered by Houman (

  • Empire Sounds (String Quartet Version)

    Taken from the album 'Reworks', released 7th December 2018 on Ahead Of Our Time: Follow James Heather - Spotify: Apple Music: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Soundcloud:

  • ''The Most Beautiful Time of Life” From Auschwitz Played at the University of Michigan
    Jerusalem Online
  • Passages
    Steven Gutheinz

    Music for piano.

  • 5 minute of sadness - Electric violin
    Youssif Khaled
  • Cross Border Youth Choir Dublin And Belfast // Silent Night
    RTÉ lyric fm

    The Cross Border Youth Choir was formed in October 2017 and made its debut public performance in Belfast that same weekend. The choir comprises two regional choirs: the Belfast Philharmonic Chamber Choir and the Dublin Youth Chamber Choir. The two groups first came together to take part in a workshop with the BBC Singers through the BBC 10 Pieces Coaching Scheme in April 2017 and the sound was so inspiring that it began a more permanent relationship between the two ensembles. In October 2018, Cross Border Youth Choir won the National Youth Choir competition at the City of Derry International Choral Festival. Cross Border Youth Choir represented the island of Ireland in the Royal Albert Hall, London in October 2018. Featured as a satellite choir, they performed in the world premiere of 'The Great War Symphony' by composer Patrick Hawes. They performed alongside the National Youth Choirs of Scotland, the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain, and London Youth Choir. It was a great honour to perform the movement entitled 'The Dead Soldier'. Cross Border Youth Choir has a number of collaborative projects planned for 2018-19. As Dublin Youth Choir is still in its infancy, the Belfast Youth and Chamber Choirs have provided great inspiration to create a comparable structure of choral music education in Dublin. Both ensembles are conducted on a weekly basis by Lynsey Callaghan. It is therefore fitting that the two organisations have come together to make beautiful music and to learn from each other. Through workshops, rehearsals, and informal performances, great friendships have already been created and there is much excitement for the future. Piece: Silent Night - Franz Gruber, arr. Barry Rose Conductor: Lynsey Callaghan

  • Phill Niblock - Music For Cello - CD MIX - Pre-Orders available

    Pre-orders available now. Release date: January 18, 2019 Phill Niblock's Music For Cello collects three pieces from the 70's and early 80's, performed by cellist David Gibson. This CD includes a 16 page unpublished interview with Phill Niblock. Since the late sixties Phill Niblock has been composing long-form acoustic drones with a focus on the rhythms and overtones that rise from closely tuned instruments. His highly original and influential music is an exploration of timbre, microtonality, stability, duration and psychoacoustic phenomenon. "3 to 7 - 196 is very direct, aggressive, and gritty. The overtone patterns that are produced by the proximal pitches become more prominent with louder volume. So please, play this piece very loud. This was the first piece of mine in which the musician was precisely tuned, in which I chose exact pitches in hertz. We used a sine wave oscillator and frequency counter for the tuning. Descent Plus has four cello tones descending one octave over twenty-two minutes, from 300 hertz to 150 hertz. David Gibson played these tones without lifting his bow from the strings, constantly retuning. I made four different scores, manually changing an oscillator to which he was tuning, for each track's recording. For the revision, we added six more tracks, with David playing long tones which were not descending. The second part of the recording was made nearly twenty years later. Summing II (one of four parts) is mellow and sonorous. David plays two strings simultaneously, one of which is retuned for each successive recording of that pair of tones. This is a mix of an eight track tape. It's better played loud also." - Phill Niblock from liner notes

  • Le mal du pays
  • Playing love - Claire(Playing Piano)

    You are never really done for .. .. as long as you have got a good story .. .. and someone to tell it to. for who I am. Stupid? or Happiness? Playing love - Claire(Playing Piano) (The Legend of 1900) 12 DEC. 2018 Claire

  • Anfonaf Angel

    I ddathlu deng mlwyddiant ers cyfansoddi 'Anfonaf Angel', rhoddod y tenor Rhys Meirion her iddo'i hun. Roedd am berfformio trefniant newydd o'r gan a chreu côr arbennig o bobl o bob cwr o Gymru oedd wedi bod â'r angen am 'angel' eu hunain ar un adeg. To celebrate ten years since 'Anfonaf Angel' (I send an angel) was composed, tenor Rhys Meirion set himself a challenge. He wanted to perform a new arrangement of the song and form a special choir whose members consisted of people from all over Wales who have needed an 'angel' at some time in their lives.

  • My Sweet Orange Tree
    Safena 10
  • The Minarets
    Mo Farag

    Inspired by the Mamluk Minarets of Cairo. Brendan Grossman, Alto Saxophone Mohamed-Aly Farag, Violin Jacob Barker, Cello Gavin Laur, Piano

  • thank u, next (Ariana Grande) Classical Guitar / Guitarra clásica
    Sebastián Arashiro

    An arrangement I made of Ariana Grande's song "thank u, next" on fingerstyle classical guitar. Un arreglo que armé de "thank u, next" (Ariana Grande) en guitarra clásica fingerstyle.

  • Dublin Youth Junior Choir // Suo Gan
    RTÉ lyric fm

    In September 2018, 30 second-class pupils were chosen to take part in Dublin Youth Choir's exciting new initiative - Junior Choir. Alongside their choral singing, the young singers receive musicianship training through a Kodály-inspired musicianship programme. Directed by Lynsey Callaghan, the singers receive expert tuition by experienced vocal tutors and highly skilled musicianship staff in the heart of Dublin's city centre. The 7-8 year olds will continue in Dublin Youth Junior Choir until they are ready to audition for Training Choir, then Youth Choir, and eventually even Chamber Choir! The Junior Choir members love their rehearsals and they are particularly grateful to the new DYC music assistants Imogen, Callum, and Costanza, all of whom sing in Chamber Choir and help every week with Junior Choir. Piece: Suo Gan - Traditional Welsh melody, arranged by Stuart Hope Accompanist: David Callaghan

  • The Absence Of You
    Rhian Sheehan

    From the album 'A Quiet Divide' - (c) Loop Recordings (p) R Sheehan Follow Rhian Sheehan on Spotify: Follow Rhian Sheehan on Apple Music: Follow Rhian Sheehan on iTunes Music: Follow Rhian Sheehan on Bandcamp:

  • Metin 2
  • O Come, All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles)
    Frank Sinatra