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  • The Irishman, la dernière valse

    [Episode full spoiler, vous êtes prévenu·e·s] Trois heures pour l’éternité. Le temps d’un tour de table à laquelle se seraient assis tous les acteurs du Nouvel Hollywood et ses deux monstres, De Niro et Al Pacino. Le temps de dresser le bilan de la vie de Frank Sheeran et de son passé criminel au contact de la mafia et de Jimmy Hoffa. Comme un condensé de la vie de cinéaste de Scorsese et un bilan de tout un pan de l’histoire du cinéma, « The Irishman » abandonne le style narratif des films de gangster. En retenue, lente et détendue, la narration épouse la mélancolie d’un vieil homme, sa mémoire forcément menteuse et magnifiée, son questionnement moral et presque spirituel. Le temps d’une leçon sur la vie et le cinéma : la réalité pèse peu face au mythe. Animé par Thomas Rozec avec David Honnorat, Stéphane Moïssakis et Perrine Quennesson. LES RECOMMANDATIONS LA RECO DE PERRINE : « Big Fish » qui est une sorte de tour de piste de Tim Burton (2003). LA RECO DE DAVID : « Il était une fois en Amérique » dernier film de Sergio Leone (1984). LA RECO DE STEPHANE : « After Hours » de Martin Scorcese (1985). RÉFÉRENCES CITÉES DANS L’ÉMISSION Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, Jo Pesci, Mean Streets (Martin Scorsese, 1973), Les Affranchis (Martin Scorsese, 1990), Casino (Martin Scorsese, 1995), Le Loup de Wall Street (Martin Scorsese, 2013), Le Parrain (Francis Ford Copolla, 1972), Il était une fois en Amérique (Sergio Leone, 1984), Le traitre (Marco Bellochio, 2019), Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese, 1976), Raging Bull (Martin Scorsese, 1980), JFK (Oliver Stone, 1991), La liste de Schindler (Steven Spielberg, 1993), The Night Of (Richard Price et Steven Zaillian, 2016), Le Stratège (Bennet Miller, 2011), Aaron Sorkin, Mission Impossible (Brian de Palma,1996), I Heard You Paint Houses (Charles Brandt), Silence (Martin Scorsese, 2016), FIST (Norman Jewinson, 1978), Paul Thomas Anderson, Big Fish (Tim Burton, 2003), After Hours (Martin Scorsese, 1985), Stretch (Joe Carnahan, 2014). CRÉDITS NoCiné est un podcast de Binge Audio animé par Thomas Rozec. Cet épisode a été enregistré le 28 novembre 2019 au studio V. Despentes de Binge Audio (Paris, 19e). Réalisation : Victor Dubin. Générique : Corentin Kerdraon. Chargées de production : Juliette Livartowski et Fatima Bahhou (stagiaire). Chargée d’édition : Camille Regache. Identité graphique : Sébastien Brothier (Upian). Direction des programmes : Joël Ronez. Direction de la rédaction : David Carzon. Direction générale : Gabrielle Boeri-Charles.

  • Ebro In The Morning - Did Someone Almost Ruin Your Thanksgiving? 8A 12-2-19
  • Carolyn Ann, 70, transsexual in North Leitrim - Her story
    OceanFM Ireland

    Carolyn Ann is a 70 year old transsexual, living in North Leitrim. She's been dealing with this change in her life and the implications of it for the past three years. Not accepted for what she is by her family, Carolyn has been discussing what lies ahead for her as a transsexual, which she doesn't find particularly agreeable

  • PODCAST: Win Brooke’s Bucks (12/04/19)
  • A HIDDEN LIFE - Double Toasted Audio Review
    Double Toasted

    The Double Toasted podcast reviews a new movie today called A HIDDEN LIFE.

  • KNIVES OUT - Double Toasted Audio Review
    Double Toasted

    The Double Toasted podcast reviews a new movie today called KNIVES OUT.

  • QUEEN & SLIM - Double Toasted Audio Review
    Double Toasted

    The Double Toasted podcast reviews a new movie today called QUEEN & SLIM.

  • Walk Talk 166: Gado!

    Estamos no ar para discutir a tenebrosa mid-season finale da 10a temporada de The Walking Dead! Venha ouvir, comentar e compartilhar depois com os amiguinhos tristes com a serie. Siga-nos para mais informações sobre o universo TWD! Site: Facebook: Grupo de ouvintes:…dBrasilWalkTalk/ E-mail: [email protected]

  • Monocle on Design - Extra: Perth Stadium
    Monocle 24: Monocle on Design

    From Rotterdam to Milan, new stadiums are nearing completion. But can a stadium structure reflect its location? We look to western Australia to find out how Perth Stadium’s new parkland embraces its city.

  • Where Has All The Respect Gone? | 11/29/19
    The Glenn Beck Program

    James T. Harris is on the program discussing child development, figures of authority, and above all, respect. First lady Melania Trump was booed by school kids during an appearance in Baltimore. Why do so many young people display such a blatant disregard for those appointed to lead? Allow us to reflect on how Democrats like Barack Obama and Maxine Waters have been inciting incivility among the Left for over a decade.

    The impeachment hearings will go on, but nothing of substance will come of them. President Trump continues to act on behalf of the American people, even while the entire opposition in Congress wastes countless hours trying to get rid of him. There was a quid pro JOE when Biden was Obama’s vice president (and Biden the younger was behaving badly). Joe Biden should not be in this race, but the liberal media is desperate for someone who can defeat Trump. Pete Buttigieg was called out for a comment he made in 2011 about education in minority communities, but did he actually say anything wrong? A caller challenges James on a number of issues involving Trump and the Democrats.

    James recounts the students he taught who sought to find solutions to poverty in inner cities. Their motives were pure, but their reasoning was fundamentally flawed. Is there a war being waged against Thanksgiving? A video filmed at a “Christian” college in Minnesota sure makes it appear that way. James became a Republican not because of the people within the party, but because of the principles the party stands for. What is the Kanye West Effect?

  • The Nostalgia of Sister Night Featuring Stephen Williams
    For All Nerds Show

    We know you watched this week's Watchmen. We know that "This Extraordinary Being" the sixth episode of the premier season has left you with more questions than answers, and you've got theories and ideas that you need to discuss. We're here for you, and because it's Friendsgiving, we decided to welcome Stephen Williams, the director of this week's episode of Watchmen, as well as one of the executive producers of the hit HBO series! We discuss any and everything related to the phenomenal episode of Watchmen, so make sure you're up to date before you press play. That's not all, it's an extra special holiday episode as we welcome The Chico Leo back to the ship, just in time to answer your questions on Geekquently Asked Questions and to bless your eardrums with a Chico pick of the week. Or something to that extent.

  • 8 BIT CRUMBS 11-30-2019
    Double Toasted

    8 BIT CRUMBS - Join Korey Coleman and Chris Herman as they discuss different gaming stories and pop culture news floating about.

  • Episode 126 w/ Schoeny
    The Tasteless Gentlemen

    On this episode of The Tasteless Gentlemen Show Alex is away for family stuff so we brought in Schoeny to answer your questions from Discord. Best way to leave a relationship? Worst sexual experience? Near death or stupid things we've done? Biggest regrets in life? Difference between now and 10 years ago? If you could change one moment in your life, what would it be? Follow Schoeny's podcast here: Schoeny's instagram: A bunch of you have been asking so we fired up a Patreon. A bunch of cool perks including savage memes we can't post anywhere else, our private Discord, monthly T-shirt club, patron only live streams / Q&A! JOIN HERE: New tees are going up constantly! Treatyoself. And remember to use the discount code, exclusive for listeners/watchers ONLY, "f*ckscoop" for 20% off your ENTIRE ORDER! AUDIO VERSION OF THE SHOW: SOUNDCLOUD: iTUNES: SPOTIFY: STITCHER: GOOGLE PLAY: Please sub, thumbs up, rate on iTunes, follow on twitter, or whatever... it really helps spread the good word. FB: IG: TWITTER: Outro - Born Sinners - Heavenly - Intro track - Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod (

  • THE IRISHMAN - Double Toasted Audio Review
    Double Toasted

    The Double Toasted podcast reviews a new movie today called THE IRISHMAN.

  • Two Strangers in a Cabin by C.M.
    Mr. Creepy Pasta's Storytime

    Huge thank you to C.M. for this incredible story and LittleBallofGiggles and ThatCreepyReading for lending a voice! Giggles: ThatCreepyReading: The Author: Video!: Read along!: Aminooo!: & Check out my new books! A collection of Creepypastas compiled by some of my all time favorite authors and friends! 💀 Volume 1: 💀 Volume 2: 💀 Comic Book: Visit the stores! 💀 Wife's Tea Shop: 💀 Shirts & Stuff!:

  • Generosity: Frederic Tuten's Life of Art, Literature, and Solidarity
    LA Review of Books

    Author Fred Tuten joins co-hosts Medaya Ocher, Kate Wolf and Eric Newman to talk about his new book, My Young Life: A Memoir. The conversation begins with Fred explaining why after five celebrated novels, he chose to write a memoir; what follows is a series of beautiful reflections on his life. Indeed! Medaya says this is perhaps her very favorite LARB Radio Hour to date. Indeed, Fred's deep compassion for the people in his life, his novel-like descriptions of time and place, and his trenchant political observations makes this a show that cannot be missed - there's a true generosity of Spirit here. Also, the irrepressible John Waters returns to recommend a book and offers four: Moby's new memoir, Then It Fell Apart; Kevin Killian's Fascination - as well as the works of Clarice Lispector and Dodie Bellamy.

  • The Stack - The world in print
    Monocle 24: The Stack

    This week on The Stack we go from the hyperlocal to the global: from a new title covering the best of one of London’s most exciting neighbourhoods to a photographer’s book about the nostalgic idea of old shopping malls. Plus: cartophile Ian Wright from Brilliant Maps and new Jakarta-based title, ‘Further Reading’.

  • Çift Forvet - 02 Aralık 2019
  • 585 Pilgrim Trails of Italy; Wayfinding
    Travel with Rick Steves

    Published November 30, 2019 — What is relying on GPS doing to your brain? We'll explore our innate "Wayfinding" abilities with a science reporter who's investigated how some people are able to navigate with only natural features as their guide. Plus, enthusiasts of hiking Europe's medieval footpaths share what it's like to walk Italy's pilgrim trails to Rome. For more information on Travel with Rick Steves - including episode descriptions, program archives and related details - visit

  • TEKNO N - 03 Aralık 2019