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  • On My Own (Demo) || Shitiverse: The Musical
    Alternative Rock

    Been doing some demos behind the scenes with others, and decided to do another preview! It's fun! Hope you enjoy this one! Lyrics: [Spinel: Talking] You really expect ME to believe after you’ve been treating me this entire time--- that you’re just going to forget!? *Laughter* You can’t- you can’t be FUCKING serious! [Steven:] Spinel! You’ve gotta believe me, I wasn’t going to use the rejuvenator to [Spinel:] Shut up!... I don’t want to hear ANYMORE from you. None of your niceties just to keep me on your side! [Spinel: Singing] You think you’ve got me in your lighter graces But think again You call me a friend to cover your bases Oh what a plan You think you’ll trash me Oooh you think you’ll get me real good Dontcha Real good dontcha know I’m not a fool I’m not just your tool I’ve learned my lesson And let me tell ya I say No! I won’t be left behind this time I won’t be left alone Yeah I can see it in your eyes You only want to postpone Just set me aside Fix your ending, that’s all And after you’re done You’re gonna leave me on my own [Steven: Talking] Spinel I- Ugh… I’m not mom! I’m not going to- [Spinel:] Oh it’s so funny how you mention our mom! [Spinel: Rapping] Everything I did was somehow so wrong The way that I laughed, and all of my songs Love how she found me just so problematic With you all those issues stayed quite emblematic Tired of me Exhausted of me You think I don’t see No sis that’s just tea You’ve hated my guts for 24 hours You’d be rid of me once you had the power [Spinel: Singing] But imma take back my own upper hand Real quick Won’t fall for that trick No! She left me behind But I think you’ll do fine Steven Universe, Watch your planet die!! *LOUD MANIACAL LAUGHTER* [Steven: Talking] Spinel! Spinel!! SPINEL--!! [Spinel: Talking] STEVEN!!... No… You know what’s gonna happen?... I’m gonna leave you all to die I’ll make this game my own You can see it in my eyes I’m done, no waiting at home You can’t push me aside When all of you have died And then finally I’ll be a Satisfied and avenged soul Then you wont leave me You can’t leave me Alone...

  • Daithi De Nogla - Life Sucks When You’re Living It On The Cusp

    Daithi de Nogla singing his new Original Song called 'Life Sucks When You’re Living It On The Cusp'. Daithi De Nogla is a popular Irish YouTuber known for his hilarious rage and random outbursts of gibberish, also he plays along with "The Vanoss Crew" who provides alot of funny videos and montages! Way back in 2014 Daithi writted songs off stream and he used to sing them after some videos commentaries, but he deleted each one single of them. So here are one of many old songs Daithi sang in his COD commentaries videos on youtube that I bring back to you just like the new songs as well! All credits reserved to Daithi de Nogla and himself alone, Follow me to more and Share to your friends! And as always I hope ye enjoy'd~

  • 2019 #01: Herr van Bohm - Würdelos, aber sympathisch seit 1986
    KFMW Adventskalender

    Style: Singer songwriting, Indie Lenght: 01:12:11 Quality: 192 kBit/s Tracklist: 00:00 —> Fortuna Ehrenfeld, Bad Hair Day 03:20 —> Tocotronic, Pure Vernunft darf niemals siegen 07:34 —> Element of Crime, Am Ende denk ich immer nur an dich 11:38 —> Silly, Bataillon d’amour 15:14 —> Hannes Weder, Einheitsfront-Lied 17:33 —> Georg Kreisler, Das Wort „verlassen“ 21:10 —> Haftbefehl, Rolle mit mein Besten 24:14 —> Spaceman Spiff, Photonenkanonen 27:25 —> Gerhard Gundermann, Leine Los 29:58 —> Schnippt Schranke, Pisse 34:24 —> Daniel Kahn, Hallelujah 38:38 —> Data Kehr und die Stadtpiraten, Zuhause 40:43 —> Bodo Wartke, Er 43:37 —> Rio Reiser, Für dich 48:59 —> Helge Schneider, Möhrchenlied 52:51 —> Götz Widmann, die zwei Trauben 57:25 —> Faber, lass mich nicht los 1:01:05 —> Zupfgeigenhansel, Still - die Nacht is ojsgesternt 1:04:30 —> Rainald Grebe, Verliebt 1:07:21 —> Gerhard Gundermann, Old Dixie down Alle der diesjährigen Kalendermixe finden sich hier:

  • Dance with me?
    Hanan Gobran

    Indecent Proposal Romantic Drama (1993) John : Dance? Diana : I should go. John : I remember once when I was young, and I was coming back from some place, a movie or something. I was on the subway and there was a girl sitting across from me and she was wearing this dress that was bottoned queer up right to here, she was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. And I was shy then, so when she would look at me I would look away, then afterwards when I would look back she would look away. Then I got to where I was gonna get off, and got off, the doors closed, and as the train was pulling away she looked right at me and gave me the most incredible smile. It was awful, I wanted to tear the doors open. And I went back every night, same time, for two weeks, but she never showed up. That was 30 years ago and I don't think that theres a day that goes by that I don't think about her, I don't want that to happen again. Just one dance?

  • Ana - All Is Found (Frozen 2)

    Frozen 2. 2019. Disney. Lyrics: Where the north wind meets the sea There's a river full of memory Sleep, my darling, safe and sound For in this river all is found In her waters, deep and true Lie the answers and a path for you Dive down deep into her sound But not too far, or you'll be drowned Yes, she will sing to those who hear And in her song all magic flows But can you brave what you most fear Can you face what the river knows Where the north wind meets the sea There's a mother full of memory Come, my darling, homeward bound When all is lost, then all is found

  • december [cold winter]

    happiest to release this blue to you! written and produced by me. part 1 of 3,, The Cold Months very thankful for those involved; for @grayhawken on mixing and additional production as well as vocal production. Piper Ellis for this beautiful photo, ( and Matt Nozetz at Avbury Studios for the vocal engineering. love you all. stay tuned. december [cold winter] Another cold winter You’re all alone without her And you feel so lonely The snow falls down softly Then all at once, so quickly And you feel so lost White covers the ground And theres no sound no sound White covers the ground And theres no one around x2 Another cold winter December comes once a year but it feels too long oh The memories flood your brain and you want her there, Despite the pain You feel so cold oh White covers the ground And theres no sound no sound White covers the ground And theres no one around x2 And no your voice won't echo, When you’re in the gallows Knee deep in the snow, aint shallow December comes around so bright but theres shadow And no your voice won't echo, When you’re in the gallows Knee deep in the snow, aint shallow December comes around so bright- White covers the ground And theres no sound no sound White covers the ground And theres no one around x2

  • Way Back There
    Michael Mahoney

    This Song I made with the intent to have lyrics to it. But since I don't have a good vocal mic at the moment, (That and the fear of singing lol, gotta get over that) I am looking for any good Christian vocalist's out there that would like to take lyrics I made and put them into the song. These lyrics are just a rough copy so feel free if you need to change the wording a bit or so to fit the song more. Anyways, for those who are interested, here are the intended lyrics: 1 I've come so far just to realize in life that I've made it no where 2 Always stand with the truth and the light from way back there. 3 Sometimes I fumble and fall. 4 sometimes I stand too tall. 5 Always stand with the truth and the light from way back there. 6 From way back there. 7 Doesn't matter what you make in life. 8 If it ain't pointing toward the light 9 Don't be slow don't move to fast 10 following the narrow path. 11 Been countless day's 12 below the haze not knowing where I'm going. 13 These latter day's with songs of praise 14 God show me where I'm going, lead the way. "Instrumental" 15 Sometime's I stand to tall 16 Sometimes I fumble and fall 17 I've come so far now I realize in life I know where to go 18 it doesn't come from your fancy car or the house that you own 19 you follow the only Son, a gift from God 20 Now I know, I'm no more lost 21 Now I walk beside the Lord 22 and I know that I'll never get bored 23 the straight and narrow path 24 I'll walk till I'm home at last.

  • In Memoriam
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    IN MEMORIAM by Steve Bell —in memory of my father Alfred C. Bell (1936-2019) Fresh tendernesses burgeoned With the dying of my dad I love him all the more for it He lived his life for other’s gain His death, he gave away the same I love him all the more for it This son was fiercely fashioned By his father’s dappled life The way he loved his children The way he loved his wife My dad was hardly perfect But I hardly give a rip I loved him all the more for it Not scandalized by brokenness Not scandalized by pain But Dad could not abide the curse And hellishness of shame He’d absorb another’s failures And return them as a gift I loved him all the more for it My father was a trumpeter Those days have long since passed He passed along his passion to me Eager as I was We’d sit for hours and listen To the Tijuana brass I loved him all the more for it I tenderly remember When a beauty left me rent I was too young to consider then That love is never spent He told me pain would linger And would probably leave a dent I loved him all the more for it My dad was a believer He believed that God was good He was certain Jesus lived To show how everybody could And that all our earthy sorrows Couldn’t be the final writ I loved him all the more for it My father was a fortress For my two sisters and I And more-so for our mom Who suffered so much of her life He taught us how to live And then he taught us how to die And we loved him all the more for it Fresh tendernesses burgeoned With the dying of my dad And I love him all the more for it

  • Shakespeare
    Nicholas Podany
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    I was Shakespeare; I was sweat against the walls In a crowd that danced all night But I was a poet; I was broke out of my mind When you asked for me outside And it oh just seemed so easy To run and answer your call And it oh just seemed so easy That you asked for me at all You offered me a cigarette and did I smoke? I hadn’t yet, And that just made you smile You said you almost never do, but one tonight, and then you’re through And you just liked the style And it all just seemed so simple That your lips should fall on mine And it all just seemed so simple That you should walk me to your door And I walk you to mine I was Shakespeare; I was a pillow on your bed When you called me back next day With comic book philosophies, the lives we had instead of these Well, this one seems ok And it all seems ordinary That I wake up next to you Yes, it all seems ordinary With your hand in mine… I was speechless When you opened up your eyes To the morning washed ashore And you smiled Took my hand and shook your head And said “Just five minutes more.” And it all just seemed so easy With nothing left to say Yes it all just seemed so easy To close our eyes and think of what we’ll do today Written, recorded, and produced by Nicholas Podany Violin & additional vocals by Elisabeth Evans Milbank

  • In The Breeze

    I’ll steady the boat, Whilst you gather your thoughts, Finding the strength to steer your heart, Away from the rocks. But what if I can’t see a way, through the swell? And I know that I will, It’s just harder to tell… Don’t you cry yourself to sleep, He’ll be there, In the strength you’ll need. I know it’s hard, But once we raise the sail, You’ll see, It’s still his name in the breeze. And I’ll be your eyes, ’Til you see past the tears. Won’t leave your side, Without finding the words, That we both need to hear. But where can I turn, When there’s no-one to call? And we’re nearing the shore, But we’re taking on water. Don’t you fall down to your knees, He’ll be there, As you find your feet. I know it’s hard, But once wee raise the sail, You’ll see, It’s still his name in the breeze.

  • The moon song by Karen O cover

    this is my first cover to ever put out on a platform, i hope you guys like it :) Also big tip its best listened to with headphones

  • Try Again
    Daniel Weldon
    Acoustic Blues

    I have a few friends that found their way back into the arms of the lovers and I was thinking of them when I wrote this song! Lyrics... Try Again / Weldon 2019 I've been lookin' for a way back home baby I've been wondering do you think about me do you ever think of the good times do you ever think about me I've been feelin' that I wrecked it baby I can't help but think I lost my mind I remember how you tried so hard could you ever forgive me I just want to find my way back home I just want to find my way back home to you I've been wondering could you love me two times would you ever try again with me could you ever try again with me

  • A Bottle Of Wine (Live)
    Sarah Gardenvalley

    This is a song about falling in love and the harmony that came with it.

  • Halfway

    I hear you calling I thought of a dot What can’t be a circle Wandering like the sand and dust Nowhere on the earth Twinkling, circling, shining stars seem to be my home You stare at the sky Reach out for the stars Waiting for the night to go The evening start to talk And the sun is setting And the stars preparing for the night The sun will shine on you

  • Open Mind - 19/05/19 3:19
    Michel Krsh
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    An open Mind I stare at the silent phone I held I shut the door behind myself The panelled floor seems suitable To crouch sweep my dirty hopes To see her smile my dearest need I lived the dream of her an me I spoke naked to her face She left me in the best friends cage 'All I need tonight Is a chest on my heart And voice mumbling our my name It’ll be enough, this time To sip on dark rye sit and sigh Laugh and course the bitter times And be known, with an open mind' I know I worked more than I should Made promises I couldn't hold I still can’t drive a four wheel yet But now she found a man for that I could have left the boys indeed, Make her laugh and watch her sleep but who listened silent all night long, While she skipped me like her country songs Oh brother I… It's alright, Here’s to tonight It hurts to smile, It’s alright. we live and fight I forgot, It’s alright, it’s alright, thick is our blood .. Lyrics by Michel Kruschwitz, Susy Good

  • pashka - siempre ft. sargazing (i just want you to know)

    This song is dedicated to someone very special in my life. -siempre This song was written during a rough time in my life, wishing the best for someone special, and the lyrics came from the bottom of my heart. I wrote this song to remind everyone that listens to it that you are not alone and that everything will get better as long as we keep our heads up. When you truly love someone you gotta do what's best for them even if its without you. It's easier said than done but I believe we can all do whatever we set our minds on <3 Special thanks to my sister Sargazing, Tyler Ellinger (ellumination song artwork), SPACESUIT(Ben Mixonmixing/mastering production), and my friend Jacob Reynoso for helping me keep my head up. I love you all! PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK OUT SPACESUIT. His music is inspiring and he is sooo talented: ALSO check out my BLOOD-SISTER sargazing!!! Lyrics pashka: Lately I've been thinking about what you've said I tried to lift you up but I hurt you instead We both need some time to learn to love ourselves Before we give our broken hearts to someone else Chorus: I just want you to know that your love has changed my life Even though we're not together I still hope that you'll get better We just need time Time to realign Plan our dreams and goals much better We can work on them together sargazing: I just want you to know I just need time to be And figure out my own flow then maybe we can grow I just want you to know I want you to be happy even though if its without me I just want you to know I've realized my wrongs I hope we can move on Chorus (pashka and sargazing) I just want to thank you for all the times that we had And teaching me how to love even when I was mad I guess I finally realized that our time has already passed But I don't wanna live a life without you in my path I regret all my wrongs and the LORD already knows it I think about your pain damn I wish I could bestow it I learned sometimes in love you just gotta let go to give a heart that's shattered time and space to heal and grow I hope one day I'll find an opportunity To make up for all those times that changed your view on me But for now we cannot settle Let's continue getting better Plan our dreams and goals much better We can work on this together I don't wanna keep pretending that you ain't even there All my actions will now show you that I really truly care I'll be there for all your ups And lift you when you're down Ima keep you in my prayers till I'm 6 feet underground Chorus (pashka and saragazing)

  • Ya Qurban
    Zubair Nawaz
  • M. Zinnur Kanık-Ferahfeza Yürük Semâî

    Ferahfeza Yürük Semâî - Dede Efendi Bu gece ben yine bülbülleri hâmuş ettim Âh ü feryâd ederek âlemi bî-hûş ettim Tâk-ı eflâke resîd oldu yine nağme-i âh Bülbül âsâ gece tâ subha kadar cûş ettim

  • brown river eyes (with tahnee ollerton)
    isabella fortuna
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    Hello my dearest Soundcloud friends, Here is a song that I wrote and recorded in my Voice memos on the floor of a shower. I was in London, feeling vulnerable and lonely. I sent the song to one of my dearest friends Tahnee. It was only intended to be a draft but I told her that in the future I'd like to sing something like this with her. She got back to me recently with a copy of the song that she had recorded harmonies, banjo and violin on. It made me cry with happiness and I wanted to share this with you. You can find Tahnee's Soundcloud and Spotify name under ~ Tahnee Ollerton ~ So please check her out if you haven't already. If you would like a copy of the lyrics let me know. All my love, Isabella X

  • Ida by TheNumbersInTheDream and Dusboblaze

    On this dark night sitting by the fire Thinking of you, talking to you Lingering in the thought of your desires Thinking of you, talking to you Passing through the shell of fragile liars Thinking of you, talking to you Reading in between the old faded lines Thinking of you, talking to you Ida I hear the sound of the angel singin down Singing to us, serenading us I hear the sound of a weightlessness Smiling to us, grinning down at down us I hear the bricks falling down Building around us, building us up Seems like he finally left town She is free, from his eyes Ida She is free from his eyes now. This song was created by TheNumbersInTheDream and Dusboblaze Produced by TheNumbersInTheDream