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  • Podquisition 265: Baby Butterbiscuits

    Baby Butterbiscuits wants his ba ba! Also, we talk about Life is Strange 2, Disco Elysium, Assassin's Creed, and the next generation of consoles.

  • The Spin-Off Doctors: Demon Knight

    We take a brief detour from our scheduled Detective Pikachu episode, since we forgot to do a non-game film for the new year. Enjoy Demon Knight, a terrific Tales from the Crypt movie that features Billy Zane going full Billy Zane.

    Mash Those Buttons
    The Division 2

    This week Mike mentions Destiny 2 first (again), Luke forgets the name of the Incursion he was playing when he met Mike and Rob on TCTD1 (Dragon's Nest, by the way) and Rob struggles through the podcast with a case of ManFlu, like a champ. In all seriousness though, for Episode 190 this week the lads discuss in detail this weeks' State of the Game broadcast where Hamish was joined by Drew and Thylander to discuss the plethora of changes that are coming to The Division 2's loot system and build mechanics, dubbed Loot2.0. Most, if not all, areas of the existing loot system are being changed, streamlined and improved upon in the near future to make the game more enjoyable and rewarding to play. As mentioned in the show, the Bullets and Beer Discord link is and our Patreon link is

  • LOLbua 291: Vi snakker med "alle" på Spillprisen og NM i Gameplay
    Rad Crew Podcast

    Tre fra LOLbua-redaksjonen var på plass under og etter Spillprisen på Filmens hus i Oslo sist lørdag. Der utstyrte vi Filip med F med mikrofon, og han prøvde (og klarte nesten) å snakke med alle prisvinnerne og enda noen til Du får også høre hva vi har spilt i det siste, om Lars sin nye invitasjon av religiøse og fremmede mennesker hjem til seg. Jon Cato har gått nesten et tiår tilbake for å utforske STAR WARS og Mats kommer med banebrytende snack-strategier. LOLbua gir også ut Spillrevyen, et ukentlig nyhetsmagasin om spill og spillnyheter rett til dine ører. Hvis du vil vite mer, finner du alt du trenger på Sjekk også vår Patreon-side hvis du vil bidra økonomisk til driften. Tilbake kan du få merch og mye annet kult.

  • Podquisition 264: Cats Are Not Dogs

    We definitely don't spend a large portion of the time talking about Cats and whether it is great or perfect. Nope, not this podcast.

  • Niptech 365 - Natural Born Podcaster
  • No Guts No Galaxy #189
    Gaming Podcast

    A BattleTech and MechWarrior podcast. Also available on YouTube:

  • #EGCast: Episode 242 -اخر الالعاب الي لعبناها

    عنوان الحلقة: اخر الالعاب الي لعبناها المشاركين في الحلقة: - سلطـان المزيعــل - @Master_Haar - عبدالله الحسن - ماجد العيدي - فرحان البناي نحب نشكر جميع الذين استمعوا للبودكاست وشاركوا بتعليقاتهم وأسئلتهم مع الفريق. يمكنكم كتابة تعليقاتكم ومشاركاتكم في قسم التعليقات في الأسفل. وشكراً لحسن استماعكم وبانتظار مشاركاتكم في الحلقة القادمة رابط قناة EGCast الجديدة في اليوتيوب (لمشاهدة الفيديوكاست): رابط قناة ExtravaGaming الرئيسية في اليوتيوب: رابط الانستجرام: رابط تويتر: يمكنكم الإستماع للحلقة رقم 240 للبودكاست الأسبوعي #EGCast عبر: - برنامج/تطبيق الساوندكلاود SoundCloud على أجهزة iOS (الآيفون، آيباد ... إلخ) وأجهزة الأندرويد Android وأيضا على الآيتونز iTunes بودكاست لأجهزة iOS. - تطبيق فريق إكسترافاجيمنج المتواجد في App Store و Google Play

  • Qommute #5: Les Transports du Futur
    News & Politics

    Pour 2020 Qommute revient en FORCE, gavé de good vibes de noël on vient porter un message d'espoir en vous parlant des transports DU TURFU (MA GUEULE) ! Ken nous explique les niveaux d'autonomie des véhicules qui roulent plus ou moins toutes seules, Chloé a fantasmé sur les voitures qui volent et Victor parle d'un moyen de transport RE - VO - LU - TION - NAIRE. Sommes-nous à l'aube du changement ? La téléportation est-elle pour demain, tant de questions et un podcast qui n'y repondra que partiellement. BONNE ANNEE (quand même) ==== Ecoutez Qommute sur Apple Podcasts: Ecoutez Qommute sur n'importe quelle app de podcasts: Ecoutez Qommute sur Soundcloud: Rejoignez-nous : Sur le twitter de Qualiter : Sur le forum de Qualiter: Vous pouvez également soutenir Qualiter en participant à notre patreon :

  • Ep.379 — OnePlus Brings The DOOM
    Android Police Podcast

    To whoever leaked the Galaxy S20+, you had one job: don't leak the Galaxy S20+. That plus the latest on the OnePlus 8, HTC deflates its fan club, and Bethesda amps up DOOM on Android. All that and more on the Android Police Podcast. ——— Consider supporting Android Police live programming by subscribing to us on Twitch. Link your Amazon Prime account and subscribe for free every month: “11” “22” and “34” by HOME is licensed under CC BY 3.0

  • Game of Roles : Magic - Saison 3, Episode 7

    De retour pour cette nouvelle année ! La Compagnie Créance, forte de tous les éléments appris et retenus lors des sessions précédentes fait désormais route vers Aria pour remonter le cours du Parcoul et peut-être (enfin ?) mettre la main sur l'Orbe du Roi des Rois. Bonne écoute ! ==== Ecoutez Game of Roles sur Apple Podcasts: Ecoutez Game of Roles sur n'importe quelle app de podcasts: Ecoutez Game of Roles sur Soundcloud: Rejoignez-nous : Sur le twitter de Qualiter : Sur le forum de Qualiter: Vous pouvez également soutenir Qualiter en participant à notre patreon :

  • 16.01 Algorütm: Korrutasin tööintervjuul, et ma ei tea midagi, ärge mind palgake
    Geenius Raadio

    Algorütmi saates on külas Ampleri arendaja Helen Habakuk, kes räägib, kuidas ta nelja kuuga arendajaks õppis ning siis Pipedrive'is töötades aru sai, mida see töö tegelikult tähendab. Milline on ühe inimese teekond nullist arendajaks ning millised oskused peaksid olemas olema enne, kui kuhugi tööle kandideerida? Kas firma palkab oskusi või suhtumist ja milline sellisel juhul peab see suhtumine olema? Saadet veavad Priit Liivak Nortalist ja Tiit Paananen Veriffist.

  • There Will Be Dungeons 89: We have a winner
    Scott Johnson 24

    In a very Vorel focused run, we learn if he has what it takes to come out on top of M Sports best-of-all-time list! And lots more. Will Nash get his "key"? Will Squirts play tricks? Will Nothing say...Nothing? Tune in and find out!

  • BOOP 231: Shart of Infinity
    Scott Johnson 24

    Shards of Infinity is very good! Modern Warfare is really good too. I guess EarthNight is OK! Woodle Tree 2 is in Brian's brain. Bird Sim is strange. We guess games, read emails, and lots more!

  • #253 - Meta Games 2020 oder die hübsch verpackte Jahresvorschau
    Daddel Gebabbel

    Maik, Daniel und Jan bringen jede Menge Themen mit sich, zwei News und zwei Spiele runden die Mitte ab und ganz zum Schluss gibt es eine extra lange Version der Rubriken. Alles andere findet ihr in den Timecodes: Beginn - 00:07:53 Intro aka neues Jahr und The Witcher Thema 00:07:53 - 00:30:19 Pokémon Direct 9.1. 00:30:19 - 00:49:38 Wir entdecken den Epic Game Store 00:49:38 - 01:55:18 Meta Games 2020 oder die hübsch verpackte Jahresvorschau News 01:55:18 - 02:02:30 PS4 Verkaufszahlen CES 2020 02:02:30 - 02:06:35 Tencent investiert in Platinum Games Spiele 02:06:35 - 02:21:48 Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition: Breaking Ground 02:21:48 - 02:52:04Jurassic World Evolution: Console Edition Feedback 02:52:04 - 02:57:35 Stapel der Schande - Updates 02:57:35 - 03:14:29 Was habt ihr zuletzt gespielt? 03:14:29 - 03:28:15 Was habt ihr zuletzt gesehen? 03:28:15 - Ende Verabschiedung und ein bisschen Nachgespräch Wenn ihr uns unterstützen möchtet, ist hier der Link zu unserer amazon Wunschliste: Kontakt zu uns: Podcast Account auf... Twitter: @DaddelGebabbel Facebook: Daniel ( @vondergraaf | PSN: Von_Der_Graaf ) Maik ( @lixmo | PSN: Lixmo ) Jan ( @FischerMinus88 | PSN: Fischer-88 )

  • Rad Crew S19E02: Fremoversyn er 2020
    Rad Crew Podcast

    Hei og hopp! Vi snakker om spillene som kommer i 2020, pluss går tilbake til 2014-spillet Civilization: Beyond Earth, samt FMV-spillet Late Shift fra 2017. Og Are på sin side snakker om indiespillet NOITA. I tillegg får vi besøk av Helge Lunde fra Eldorado E-sport for å snakke om det spennende nye stedet for e-sport og underholdning, som også Rad Crew skal være involvert i! med: Are Ness Fløgstad, Stian Askeland, Jostein Hakestad Støtt oss: RSS: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:…ast/id415698006 Facebook: Discord: Rad Community:

  • The Tauren & The Goblin #86: Best Wishes for 2020 - Part III
    Mash Those Buttons
    World of Warcraft

    Welcome back to the finale of our three part Best Wishes for 2020 series! We resume with a discussion of the Night Elves focusing on Tyrande and Malfurion. We talk about whether or not they got their vengeance and just how far should they go for it. Nick brings calls back to the Vindicaar. Next we consider Azshara and her status coming out of Battle for Azeroth. Katie wants to see her dominant, but Nick wants her to bide her time before returning all the more powerful. We jump over to Zek'han for a moment and Katie is all excited about her Zappyboi. We wonder if he will encounter his father Hekazi in the Shadowlands. Looking back at a villain, we examine Xal'atath. Katie wants to see more of her but Nick thinks she should be a hanging plot thread for a while. Next we get to one of Katie's favorites, Gallywix. She is excited for him but Nick just wants to see him moved over to the head of the Venture Company. We revisit a Battle for Azeroth fan-favorite in Flynn Fairwind. We both agree we'd like to see more of him. Nick wants him to join the League of Explorers. We start to discuss Talanji and that leads into a look at some recent dead characters who may return. For Talanji, we agree she's a great leader and Nick argues she should be Warchief. Then, Katie excitedly gets into Vol'jin and we look forward to finding out more about him in Shadowlands, as we assume he will have a big role. Then we talk about Bwonsamdi and his role to come in Shadowlands. Finally, we invoke Rastakhan, as surely he will be involved in whatever comes to pass with Bwonsamdi. We further consider more of the dead that we may encounter in Shadowlands as we look at some characters who we had long ago written off. First up is Saurfang, who we fully expect to see in the Maw. Then we talk about Garrosh and his potential for redemption, and whether a revived, redeemed Garrosh could possibly serve again as Warchief. FInally, we discuss Kael'thas and how his interactions with Lor'themar should go. Katie tries to have a wish for the Jailer but Nick claims that we don't know enough about the character to have any wishes. And that wraps up our 2020 Best Wishes series. Thank you for listening to The Tauren & the Goblin! Please send any comments or questions to [email protected] or @taurengoblin on twitter.

  • Mike Godwin Defends Selling .ORG

    We're back! It's been a lull over the holidays and we've gone a while without new podcast episodes, but now we've got several lined up for the coming weeks — and today we kick things off with a very interesting discussion. Many of you probably know about the controversy and concern over the Internet Society's sale of the .ORG domain registry to a private equity firm, but one prominent defender of the deal is ISOC trustee Mike Godwin, and today he joins us to explain his reasoning and try to convince Mike that the sale is a good idea.

  • Dropping Spicy #30: Grand Soiree
    Mash Those Buttons
    Apex Legends

    Join Kinder and Edanar, as we discuss the spicy, interesting, and somewhat bizzare changes brought about, with the latest Apex patch notes and balance changes, talk a bit about potential meta at the middle tiers, vs the highest level, and get positively giddy, about a new feature we can't even use! (yet....) Afterwards, we move into covering the Grand Soiree, a special anniversary Apex Legends event, running from Jan 14th, until the 28th, with 7 all new games modes, some fancy skins, and a whole new set of pricing model complaints!

  • LTB #422 ‘The Internet Was Illegal’ and Other Early Stories With Zooko Wilcox
    Let's Talk Bitcoin!

    Earlier this week, the Let's Talk Bitcoin! show enlisted CoinDesk reporter Leigh Cuen and early cypherpunk Zooko Wilcox for a conversation on the history, challenges and long term development path of early, formative technologies. which we often hear modern blockchain movements compared against. From the pre-internet days, through the free/open-source movement, Linux successes, and challenges on the desktop, the peer-to-peer movement, cypherpunks, Linux maximalism, fundamentalism as a concept as well as some brief excursions through some history and politics of the time... Later, we'll discuss how AI and lawyers have more in common than you'd think, and what kind of protections we may need as autonomous agents become ubiquitous. This episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin! is sponsored by,, and Original Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash. This episode featured CoinDesk Reporter Leigh Cuen and Zooko Wilcox. Music for today's episode was provided by Jared Rubens, and general fuzz, with editing by Jonas. Have any questions or comments? Email [email protected]