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  • The Spin-Off Doctors: Doom Annihilation

    JOAN DARK and HECTOR SAVAGE fight one expensive monster suit in an otherwise dreary missed opportunity. Everything is here for a hilariously bad b-movie, but sadly the pacing is just too dull.

  • Podquisition 259: The Skin Zone

    Fats Crendle performs some of his pool tricks before we discuss D4, Kingdoms of Amalur, Pokemon, and Google's utter nonsense.

  • Your Secret Consumer Score

    When Kashmir Hill last joined us on the podcast, it was to discuss her experiment with cutting big tech companies out of her life. This week she's back to discuss something even harder to escape, and subject of her recent article in the New York Times: the low-profile companies that track consumers and assign them secret scores, and the disturbing amount of power they wield.

  • LOLbua 286 - Best Of 2014 Og 2015 - Witcher 3 - Bloodborne - John Wick
    Rad Crew Podcast

    Filip, Ståle og Lars går gjennom det beste fra 2014 og 2015 i denne episoden hvor vi fortsetter jobben med å vurdere 2010-tallet som snart er over. Som en ikke overraskende bonus får du også en oppsummering av den beste pornografien fra dette året. Vi beklager. LOLbua lages uten noen form for støtte annet enn den vi får fra deg, vår lytter. Hvis du vil bidra, så kan du gjøre det på der vi blir glade for hver eneste krone som gis. Tilbake kan du få brev fra Jon Cato, en eksklusiv podkast og andre greier. Ps. Du finner lenker til musikken vi spiller og video-opptak av podkasten på hjemmesiden vår. Bli med i vår Discord-kanal: Følg vår facebookside: Bli med i vårt community LOLbua Entourage: Følg oss på Twitter: Instagram: Vår hjemmeside: Takk til våre produsenter, Cobrakar84, TTMXMP og Rolf Helge Øvergaard Ingebrigtsen og alle dere andre som støtter oss. Takk til Inger Emilie for ukens splash. Musikken du hører: Peter McConnell - Hearthstone Soundtrack - Duel Marty O'Donnell - Destiny - The Warmind Christian & Joe Henson, Alexis Smith - Alien: Isolation Soundtrack - Opening Titles Darren Korb - Transistor - Old Friends Jesper Kyd - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! - Helio Masafumi Takada and Satoshi Iwase - Danganronpa 2 - Danganronpa Supermix Donna Burke - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain OST - Sins of the Father (Album Version) Gareth Coker - Ori and the Blind Forest - Naru, Embracing the Light (feat. Rachel Mellis) Thomas Happ - Axiom Verge - Vital Tide Marcin Przybyłowicz - The Witcher 3 - Geralt of Rivia

  • LTB! #419 Altcoins and Ancient History with Charlie Lee
    Let's Talk Bitcoin!

    On this week's episode…. The hosts are talking “Altcoins and Ancient History" with Early Bitcoin Developer and Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee Selected Topics: * Token Age and Network Effect * Testnet game theory * Founder Anonymity, then and now * Ad-hoc audits in the wake of MtGox's Collapse * Schnorr signatures, Tapscript and Taproot intentions at Litecoin * A "Coinbase mafia?" and more... Let’s Talk Bitcoin! is a long-running independent podcast on the ideas, people and projects powering the cryptocurrency narrative. On this show, we basically talk about everything other than the price. Since we started this conversation in early 2013, a whole world of blockchains and tokens has sprung up alongside bitcoin, and we talk about those too as real-world events help us see what’s real and what’s just clever marketing. Episode 419 Credits: Sponsors -, & Guest - Charlie Lee (@SatoshiLite) Hosts - Adam B. Levine ( - Andreas M. Antonopoulos ( - Stephanie Murphy ( - Jonathan Mohan ( Producer - Adam B. Levine Editors - Jonas Music - Jared Rubens ( - General Fuzz (

  • Smart TOILETS will Diagnose your Illnesses! - WAN Show Nov 29, 2019

    Save 10% at Ridge Wallet with offer code LINUS at Use offer code SAVAGEFRIDAY to save 20% on Savage Jerky at Sennheiser: Upgrade your gaming experience with Sennheiser's wireless GSP 370 and 670 headsets! Check them out below: GSP 370: GSP 670: Sennheiser Gaming is also running a promotion on the GSP 670, and their wired GSP 300 and 600 headsets, through the end of this year: U.S: Canada: Kyno - Black Friday Special at Timestamps: (Courtesy of Ankur Raghavan) Title not working - 0:38 Overview of topics - 1:46 Intro - 3:43 Smart Toilets - 4:38 YouTube new live dashboard not working - 20:53 Privacy - 23:16 China fake news law - 25:56 Floatplane - 28:59 Black Friday - 34:13 Sponsors - 37:51 Facebook buys Beat Games - 41:36 Modding - 43:50 AMD cards can use G-sync - 50:46 New fold in China - 51:26 Superchats - 52:36 Outro - 55:28

  • Double Tap #151: Thanksgiving FGC
    Mash Those Buttons
    Fighting Games

    The holidays are here as DoubleTap Team celebrates a FGC Giving. The appetite has been stirred with CrashTag, Mezza, and Static G giving the Fighting game community some game insight for the holidays as they dive into the fighters corner. Blazblue Cross Tag Battle gets some break downs and peaked interest as Mezza speaks his mind. A little taste of granblue character talk and anticpation of its arrival. Transitioning over to Soucalibur Hilde gets a bit of spot light as well as the new changes for the updates. Static G talks loads of sindel excitement and spit balls where her future may go with the help of Crashtags input. Dragon Ball Fighters hold no punches as the team tries to unravel the possible earlier then expected release of Broly(DBS) but dive into more serious matters Samurai Shodown's Kazuki. Dead or alive 6 costume talk and Street Fighter V new v-skill II releases and many other fun topics that will get your palette full.

  • Dropping Spicy #25: The Great Easter Egg Hunt
    Mash Those Buttons
    Apex Legends

    The bois are back for another spicy drop. This week we go over the easter egg hunt in the training range that is creating chaos in the community and we love it. Also in this weeks show we go over the latest patch update and some of the changes we are enjoying, as well as some issues delaying the console release. Strap in its time to drop and its going to be spicy.

  • Ep.363 — iPhone Heartbreak Hotel ft. David Imel
    Android Police Podcast

    We know that feeling when you get Thanksgiving-stuck. Stuck with the family that insists on mall hopping. Stuck in a car or plane for the long trip home. Don't worry. We got this. David Imel of Android Authority delves into nuance about the iPhone 11, his non-stop travels, Fujifilm vs. Sony mirrorless cameras, and a whole lot more. It's something to tide you over this weekend. This is the Android Police Podcast. ---- Consider supporting Android Police live programming by subscribing to us on Twitch. Link your Amazon Prime account and subscribe for free every month: “11” “22” and “28” by HOME is licensed under CC BY 3.0

  • აუდიობლოგი - გადაცემა #007 - დაიაური მარგარეტი
    Radio GIPA FM 94.3

    ვსაუბრობთ მთაზე და მარგარეტ დაიაურზე, რომელიც 22 წლის ასაკში შატილში მასწავლებლად წავიდა

  • Point News jeu vidéo : Shenmue III n'enflamme pas les japonais
    Gamekult Jeux Vidéo
  • CORE 201: I like the farmin', you like the charmin'.
    Scott Johnson 24

    We go deep into why Diablo keeps dragging us back in. Holiday sales are happening! Nomansky gets a big new update. Games that we meant to play this year but did not. Games we might grind out in the holiday time. And lots of stuff here and here so get in and listen!

  • CCCQ #20: Le Vinyle

    Biberonné.e.s aux disques de leurs parents, formé.e.s au fil des découvertes adolescentes des amis et des cousins, motivé.e.s par la chasse aux perles dans les conventions ou les disquaires et comblé.e.s par le son du diamant qui glisse sur le microsillon, Julie, DJ Ph, Joe et Adrien sortent les pochettes et déballent leur amour pour les disques d'un autre temps, plus que jamais modernes. ==== Ecoutez C’est Cool, C’est Quoi sur Apple Podcasts: Ecoutez C’est Cool, C’est Quoi sur n'importe quelle app de podcasts: Ecoutez C’est Cool, C’est Quoi sur Soundcloud: Rejoignez-nous : Sur le twitter de Qualiter : Sur le forum de Qualiter: Vous pouvez également soutenir Qualiter en participant à notre patreon :

  • TMS 1835: Mayor Pete Curious
    Scott Johnson 24

    Yodamite Sammich. Baby Yoda do do do do do do. Naked Or Speedo? Myurinal Falcon. Hardcore Hallmark. Abject dickery. Macluncky the Mailman ain't got time for Snow. The Taco Bell Christmas Special. Plasticy DingDong. A Few Toppings Short of A Meat Lovers. Making Things with Bill. Jurty Duty and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

  • Ep.362 — CYBERTRUCK Roadtrip ft. Chris Davies
    Android Police Podcast

    Happy CyberThanksgiving and welcome to the cyberfamily table. Here, have some cybermashed potatoes, cybergravy, and a heaping helping of your favorite CYBERTRUCK. Uh, I mean turkey. We've got the S11+ as an appetizer, but we tuck into the new Ford Mustang Mach-E later on. Yes, you're still tuned to the Android Police Podcast, this time around with Chris Davies from Slashgear. ---- Consider supporting Android Police live programming by subscribing to us on Twitch. Link your Amazon Prime account and subscribe for free every month: “11” “22” and “28” by HOME is licensed under CC BY 3.0

  • 202: Dan Slaski
    Cool Tools
    Cool Tools Show

    Our guest this week is Dan Slaski. Dan is a product designer, Ironman triathlete and blogger of all things digital manufacturing. By day, he tackles crazy engineering problems and puts machines in some of the world’s harshest environments. By night, he plots to share STEM awesomes through nefarious activities like 3D printing ninja stars and 3D scanning PEZ dispensers. For show notes visit:

  • Niptech 362 - Cyber Yoda

    Niptech 362 avec Frabrice Croiseaux

  • S2 Ep18 – Missing cryptoqueen, festive phishing and can the web be saved?
    Naked Security

    This week we discuss the large scale crypto-scam which tricked people into investing $400m, Tim Berners-Lee's proposed principles to save the web from a 'digital dystopia' and how to stay safe online during the festive season. Producer Alice Duckett hosts the show with Sophos experts Paul Ducklin and Peter Mackenzie. Listen now! Related articles: Crypto-scam: Web principles: Festive scams:

  • #250 - Wer sind wir eigentlich?
    Daddel Gebabbel

    Daniel, Maik und Jan reden über sich und 250 Folgen. Natürlich auch über 25 Jahre PlayStation und einige Perlen aus der jüngsten Vergangenheit. Alles andere findet ihr in den Timecodes: Beginn - 00:13:50 Intro aka RE3, 7 und 8, A PLague Tale 2 und Metal Gear Solid - Der Film Thema 00:13:50 - 00:55:57 Wer sind wir eigentlich? News 00:55:57 - 01:06:56 25 Jahre PlayStation Spiele 01:06:56 - 01:43:37 Pokémon Schild 01:43:37 - 02:00:14 Shenmue II Remaster 02:00:14 - 02:29:28 Shenmue III 02:29:28 - 02:48:10 Blacksad: Under the Skin 02:48:10 - 03:00:22 Lost Ember 03:00:22 - 03:19:15 Feedback 03:19:15 - 03:22:26 Stapel der Schande Updates 03:22:26 - 03:29:35 Was habt ihr zuletzt gespielt? 03:29:35 - 03:45:06 Was habt ihr zuletzt gesehen? 03:45:06 - Ende Verabschiedung mit etwas Nachgespräch Wenn ihr uns unterstützen möchtet, ist hier der Link zu unserer amazon Wunschliste: Kontakt zu uns: Podcast Account auf... Twitter: @DaddelGebabbel Facebook: Daniel ( @vondergraaf | PSN: Von_Der_Graaf ) Maik ( @lixmo | PSN: Lixmo ) Jan ( @FischerMinus88 | PSN: Fischer-88 )

  • Episode 285 - Nick Haddad
    Talk Nerdy

    In this episode of Talk Nerdy, Cara is joined by Dr. Nick Haddad, Senior Terrestrial Ecologist in the Department of Integrative Biology at Michigan State University and Kellogg Biological Station. They discuss his newest book, "The Last Butterflies: A Scientist's Quest to Save a Rare and Vanishing Creature." Follow Nick: @nickmhaddad.