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  • Meduza - Piece Of Your Love (Berg Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD

    Subscribe BERG: Visit Berg Shop for brand new merch: FREE DOWNLOAD: Meduza - Piece Of Your Heart (Berg Remix) Psytrance #Meduza #Pieceofyourheart #Berg #Remix Follow Meduza: [Verse] Show me a piece of your heart, a piece of your love I'm calling you up to getting down, down, down The way that we touch is never enough I'm turning you up to getting down, down Show me a piece of your heart, a piece of your love I'm calling you up to getting down, down, down The way that we touch is never enough I'm turning you up to getting down, down, down [Break] What? Sorry, just quickly What if it's da, da, da, uh, uh Da, da, da, uh, uh Down, down, down [Chorus] Uh, da, da, da, uh, uh Da, da, da, uh, uh Da, da, da, uh, uh Da, da, da Uh, da, da, da, uh, uh Da, da, da, uh, uh Da, da, da, uh, uh Down, down, down Tracks by Berg: Berg Live: Berg Mixes & Sets: Follow Berg: Facebook: Sounscloud: Instagram: Beatport: Berg (Shlomi Berg) has entertained hundreds of thousands of followers around the world. His performances encompass a half-dozen of the world’s most acclaimed and massive dance parties, including Tribe Festival, Xxxperience, Dreamstate, Sonoora, ASOT, Equinox, Tam Tam, Unity and Equinox Festival. Berg has been consolidating his own style of Progressive Psytrance & Offbeat based on the desire to mix different sounds that inspired him, being able to take it to a new level which gave him the opportunity to collaborate with different artists such as Neelix, Symphonix, Capital Monkey, Major7, Skazi, Blastoyz, just to name few. His tracks were released in labels like Spin Twist Records, Blue Tunes, Synergetic Records, Kearnage & Armada.

  • Alpha Portal - Acid Rain [Dimension 005] (sample)
    Alpha Portal

    Sample the opening track from our upcoming Alpha Portal compilation on Shamanic Tales Records - Dimension 005 🔘🌀🚀 Release note: After a string of high powered releases and massive festival performances, and while working on their debut album, the two have presented us with a compilation of high powered intense journey to represent their perception of Psychedelic Trance. Shamanic Tales Records is happy to invite you to cross through the Alpha Portal into Dimension 005. Ready to take you there are Alpha Portal themselves, Astrix, Tristan, GMS, Electric Universe, Burn in Noise, Braincell, Outsiders, Volcano, Spectra Sonics, Legohead, Magik, OxiDaksi, Pogo & StarLab. See you on the other side! More Alpha Portal:

  • Altom - Hologram (Avalon & Divination remix)
    Avalon (Nano Records)

    i'm a Hologram...hologram....hologram. My new single out july 22nd on Nano records. I team up with divination and remix this classic and bring it back to life 17 years on in the future. It took a long time to get it right, first version was road tested at boom, it worked great. But I realised it could be better, and so the track became more complex, 3 different basslines and another 9 more months tweaking, changing sections, testing it out and then finally we got there!!! Hope you enjoy <3

  • Susana - A Million Memories (Steve Allen Remix)
    RazNitzanMusic (RNM)

    Two MASSIVE Trance stars collide here at Amsterdam Trance Records as Steve Allen takes Susana's incredible 'A Million Memories' and gives it the Uplifting treatment only he knows how. Come soar in the clouds with us on this one! Enjoy and PLAY LOUD! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: WWW: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: WWW: SPOTIFY: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE: SOUNDCLOUD:

  • Slava & 4i20 - Missa Psychedelic (Original Mix)

    Download: This is a progressive/psytrance fusion with classical music influences. It's a collaboration between 4i20 & Slava and it's filled with heavy drops and a fat bass, while touching on nostalgia with beautiful emotional breaks. A driven track with plenty of psychedelic soundscapes along with melodic bass lines. Mix & Master by Slava Cover by Gerra G Released on Alien Records

  • Burn in Noise - Live @ Origin Festival 2019

    Burn in Noise - Live on the Main Stage @ Origin Festival 2019 - Cape Town ::: Next Origin Festival ::: >> 31 Jan - 02 Feb, 2020 ...Keep updated with all things Origin... >> >> >> >> >>

  • Bubble & The Freak Show - Hamsa (Out Now) Preview
    The Freak Show

    Original Track Called - Hamsa (Collab With Bubble) W+P+M By Etay Avraham - Guy Sarnat - Karen Bagdasarov Based In Holon Israel For Contact : [email protected]

  • Reverence - 2 MILLION MIX

    This is a special gift to all my fans! <3 A heavy mix celebrating my 2 MILLION plays on my Souncloud! Here we have some classic songs and UNRELEASEDS!! Thank you <3 TRACK LIST 1 - Reverence - New Order (Original Mix) 2 - Gigi D'Agostino - I'll Fly With You (Reverence & Reaction Remix) UNRELEASED 3 - Reverence & Dapanji - Toma Toma Remix 4 - Don Diablo ft. Paije - People Say (Reverence & Black Muffin Remix) 5 - Reverence - Cyber Trance (Original Mix) 6 - Reverence - Lovescape Live Mashup (Your Love + Dreamscape) UNRELEASED 7 - Blastoyz - Step Aside (Reverence & Hybrid Machines Remix) 8 - Nicky Romero ft. Krewella - Legacy (Reverence Remix) 9 - Reverence & Perplex - Shake Up (Original Mix) UNRELEASED 10 - Reverence & Argus - Design Perfected (Original Mix) 11 - Reverence - Future is Effective Live Mashup (Future is Perfection + Effective) UNRELEASED 12 - Reverence - Excalibur (Original Mix) 13 - Reverence & Hybrid Machines - Abstract (Original Mix) 14 - Reverence & Hybrid Machines & Acid on Sphere - Dunia Remix Download for free on The Artist Union

  • Craig Connelly - Live From Subculture LA, The Hollywood Palladium, 6 - 7-2019
    Craig Connelly
  • Trance Classics & Ellie Lawson - A Day Without Rain (Costa Remix)
    RazNitzanMusic (RNM)

    A new take on an old classic here at RNM as we get thet gorgeous progressive treatment of Ellie Lawson's 'A Day Without Rain' from the prog master Costa. Sit back, relax and take in those summer vibes. Enjoy and Play LOUD! FACEBOOK: SOUNDCLOUD: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WWW: SPOTIFY: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE: SOUNDCLOUD:

  • FROSTBITE – Hybridization | Exclusive for Radiozora | 06/07/2019
    psy trance

    FROSTBITE is back on radiOzora with its fresh Hybridization live set! Frostbite is Miguel Letria and Ricardo Estanislau, both from Lisbon, Portugal. DJing together since 2012, these two friends’s goal is to present a fun, solid and refreshing interpretation of Psy-Trance in their sets. Versatile and dynamic, they can easily be inserted in any time slot. With two successful compilations previously released (“Travel Agency” and “Overview Effect”) Frostbite is now venturing into the world of production with their own original work, debuting their EP on 24/7 Records resulting in a #1 position on Beatport’s Psy-Trance charts. Their sets have blasted dancefloors all over Portugal and have spread out to France, Ireland, Italy, Brazil, Hungary and India. Past gigs include Boom Festival, Ozora Festival, WAO Festival, Freedom Festival, Mundo de Oz, Respect Festival. Stay tuned for upcoming Frostbite releases. Frostbite on Facebook | Soundcloud

    Bittencourt Music


  • ORBT & Jackson Snapp - Nephalem (Original Mix)
    OHM Music

    Download / Stream: Follow The OHM Music Playlist On Spotify: Release Date: July 12, 2019 Angels and demons. Polar opposite entities that have become the go-to talking points when it comes to raising a civilization bound by the instinctual battle between good and evil. Many moons ago, a legend would materialize that told the story of these two repellent souls uniting in the quest for procreation, delivering to the unsuspecting world a powerful celestial creature known as the Nephalem. Forthcoming on OHM Music, we will see this tale spark to life as two creative visionaries break down all their barriers to deliver the twisted vibrancy of “Nephalem”, just about as future-forward as a track can get, and one that is going to rock you to the core! In one corner we have ORBT. The Bass Tribe affiliated master of sound evolution that has been widely praised for his fearless attitude when it comes to experimenting with new musical flavors while slashing the stigma of genre expectations. Stung by the trance bug, ORBT has dived in head first as of late, bonding clever bass grit with stunning melodic uplift. In the opposite corner we have Jackson Snapp. An OHM Music mainstay and one of the most exciting classically trained talents to hit the scene in recent years. Focused on tying together raw hypnotic emotion with billowing canorous detail, Jackson Snapp has all the tools in his wheelhouse to kidnap the soul and set it on a trajectory to the stars. With the crunchy synth structures and labored bass breakdowns portraying the demon’s essence, an angelic melodic glow shines down from the heavens, mingling with the underworld and proving that both the dark and the light can find their harmony. This union of sound is invigorating and incredibly refreshing as bass and trance have had an independence that, for many years, seemed impossible to intertwine. But we are now living in a new age of sound. One that says to hell with the expected and mundane. Enter in “Nephalem” and it becomes crystal clear that ORBT and Jackson Snapp have harnessed an arousing flavor of electronic script-flip that will leave you breathless and begging for more! YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: